Primary Admission Applications 2021/22

Closing date 15th January 2022

The arrangements for the admission of pupils to primary schools in September 2021 will, as far as possible, conform to the following timetable.

Wednesday 1st September 2021 – Apply from this date

Saturday 15th January 2022 – National closing date for primary applications (statutory).

During this period all applications are processed and all preferences are considered against the published admissions policy. Where there are more applications than places available, decisions are made as to which children should be offered the available places.

The allocation and offer of a primary school place is finalised.

Tuesday 12th April 2022 – Offers issued to parents*

To make an apply for a school place, follow this link:

Apply For A School Place
Information for Parents 2022-2023
School Admissions Primary North
POLISH Primary Admissions North