Computing at West End aims to prepare our children for a constantly changing world driven by the internet and tablet devices.

We have a wide variety of technology and hardware across school. including: laptops, iPads, LBQ tablets and interactive whiteboards in all classrooms.

The progression of skills has been divided up into 3 different categories: Computer Science, Information Technology and Using Technology Safely.

  • Computer Science – our children learn how to use logical reasoning to explain how simple programs work and use this to create and find errors within their own algorithms and programs.
  • Information Technology – various skills around word processing, digital art (including music and film), presentation and spreadsheets are taught along with knowledge of technology and its uses.
  • Using Technology Safely – standards are set in how to act appropriately within an online community, recognising acceptable and unacceptable behaviour and being able to identify a range of ways to report concerns about internet content and contact.
West End Computing Road Map
Computing Policy 2022
Online Safety Policy 2022
Computing Overview
KS1 Progression of Skills
KS2 Progression of Skills
Key Learning in Years 1 & 2
Key Learning in Years 3 & 4
Key Learning in Years 5 & 6

Online Safety

Here at West End, we intertwine online safety within everything we do. It is so important to aid and prepare our children for the digital world, and we do this through showing them safe ways to use the internet and technology.

We use helpful guides from National Online Safety to help educate our parents so they can protect their children online too.

Online Safety Guides for Parents