The children will develop a range of skills and knowledge in accordance to the National Curriculum; this information can be located on the Skills and Knowledge Progression in History document. More information can be found on the Key Learning in History document.

Knowledge and skills are split into five strands:

Chronological understanding: Sequencing, events, stories, pictures and periods over time to show how different times relate to each other and contribute to a coherent understanding of the past.

Range and depth of historical knowledge: To recall and recount significant past and present events.

Historical interpretations: The process by which we describe, analyse, evaluate, and create an explanation of past events.

Historical enquiry: This is about asking questions or hypothesising about the past that we hope the evidence will help us to answer.

Organising and presenting: To present the learning in different ways to celebrate the development of knowledge and skills.

We have recently celebrated our historical learning through Art, and this will be added to our history timeline in our school hall.

Please see the photographs.