PE is split in to three areas, Physical Activity, Physical Education and Sport.

Physical activity is how we monitor and ensure our pupils are as active as can be and complete their 30 minutes of activity a day. This is ensured through active break times, lunch times, extracurricular clubs, active learning, enhancements to our playground, MUGA and PE lessons.

Physical Education is a foundation subject within the national curriculum. Physical Education develops pupil’s physical competence and confidence of particular skills set out in the national curriculum, and their ability to use these to perform in a range of activities. We teach 2 hours of PE each week and use the Lancashire Scheme of Work.

Sport is well recognised within our school. We are part of the SSCO Programme where children compete at a range of sporting events with other schools in the partnership. We are also involved in the Football League this year. We are working towards the Gold Sports Mark which has specific criteria for us to work against. Our children love sport and enjoy celebrating their achievements in and outside of school.