Why it’s important

Poor punctuality or leaving before the end of the school day is not acceptable. School data shows a link between poor attendance & under-achievement

Missing just 10 mins of school a day is the same as missing two weeks over the year.

Pupils who arrive late and/or leave early also disrupt lessons, which can be embarrassing for the child and can in turn, encourage absence. It is also extremely disruptive for the rest of their class.

                          How you can help

Aim for 10 hours sleep a night for your child. This will make the following day at school easier for them to cope with.

Develop a night time routine that involves checking their homework, reading & bed. Get their school bag ready the night before.


School starts at 8.55 am & ends at 3.15 pm.
Doors open at 8 am for Breakfast Club.
The children are supervised in school from 8.45.