Hi children, thank you for looking up what Safeguarding means to you.

As a child safeguarding is a word you probably have never heard of, so by breaking it down into small parts for you it will be easier to understand.

When you see the word safeguarding it means how to keep yourself and others around you safe from harm or if you have a worry who to share that worry with. Worries are just part of life but they should be shared if they are making you feel scared.

In school, if you have a worry about anything or anyone, however big or small, you can:

Tell any trusted adult. This could be your class teacher, Mrs Barr, Mrs Kitson or any other adult in school you trust.

Mrs Barr

Mrs Kitson

Mrs Barr is always in the rainbow room on the main corridor and Mrs Kitson is in the opposite room.

By telling an adult you do not have to worry alone, by sharing any worries or concerns you have we shall help and support you and your family.

We all go through difficult times sometimes and this ok. But please do not worry alone. We are here for you and happy to help.

If you feel you cannot say what is wrong you could always write it down and give it to an adult.

But what if you were not in school, who would you tell?

You may well have a family member you trust, a neighbour or a friend’s mum or dad.

But, if you did not know who to tell there are numbers you can call or websites you can call or log on to, to speak to someone or message.

Click on the pictures to visit the websites.

The NSPCC is the UK’s leading children’s charity

You can ring 0800 1111  24 hours a day

Kooth is a safe and anonymous online counselling service

Weekdays: 12noon till 10pm daily

Weekends: 6 – 10pm

The NSPCC teach us all about our pants and our privacy through Pantasaurus.

If you are worried about someone close to you please always reach out.

If someone tells you to keep a secret but it doesn’t feel right to you, please tell someone you trust, do not wait.

We are always here to listen.

Sometimes we just need a little bit of help.