At West End School we aim:

  • to provide a caring, understanding and happy atmosphere in which children and staff will feel secure and will have the confidence and incentive to achieve their full potential;

  • to develop tolerance and respect of each individual in school and in society;
  • to give children the knowledge and skills that will enable them to cope with the demands of a changing, interdependent world and their place in it;
  • to develop a strong moral code, give an understanding of Christian traditions and appreciate other faiths and cultures that exist in this country and the world;
  • to develop young people who are self-motivated, responsible, independent, cooperative, self disciplined and valued members of society;
  • to provide a broad and balanced curriculum enabling children to attain the highest possible standards of competence in literacy, oracy and numeracy whilst providing for a range of physical and extracurricular activities.
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Trust Generosity Understanding Courage Patience Happiness

British Values

We are promoting British Values in school through our broad and balanced curriculum. We are teaching the children that they are important and that their decisions have an impact. We do this by many democratic processes in school such as:

School Council

Questionnaire for the Behaviour Quality Mark

Voting on important decisions

Listening to the children’s thought

LCC Pupil Questionnaires

We are teaching the children about the acceptance of other peoples beliefs and the freedom to choose. Assemblies provide exciting opportunities for this.

We want the children to respect the law and democracy and understand it’s importance.

We are working hard within the community to encourage our children to respect where they live and who they live alongside.

Our participation in red, white & blue day is a great example of our children learning fundamental British Values but we will continue this through our daily actions within school.

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Tolerance of those with different beliefs and cultures Mutual Respect The Rule of Law Tolerance of those with different faiths Democracy Individual Liberty