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Year 6

Autumn 2

See what we have to say!

We have been learning about the Victorians.

We have made our own websites about the Victorians to show what we have learnt about them. A couple of weeks ago we got some pictures and we had to guess what some of the Victorian items were, we got a couple of them right like the phone and soap!

Also on my website I did a page about toys because back then the toys were only made out of wood so all the toys we have now they did not exist back then. Our whole class wrote a diary entry about the Victorian Classroom to how it was back then you could only talk if you were spoken to by a teacher and if you didn’t do enough work then you had to do it in your own time.  I would NOT have wanted to be born back then because it was really hard on children!

Mia-Sage, Year 6